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Elevating Human Capital Quotient (HCQ)

Bringing Learning Closer To Business Outcomes


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About Us

Human Capital is the core to how people comprehend, function and grow. Human Quotient (HQ) is one of the most important factor that determines growth in any space in life.

CoEmerge is a platform that helps map, establish and execute Learning Journeys for Organizations.

  • Synchronized learning experience through end- to- end developmental interventions for employees.
  • Directly helps accelerate efficiency and growth.
  • Helping create, develop and nurture Human Capital to upskill and reskill so as to help them “Future Ready”.
  • CoEmerge is a holistic knowledge partner and enabler that supports Corporates, Professional bodies and chambers to upskill and reskill their Human Capital.

CoEmerge focuses on elevating these three main components of Human Capital- Cognitive, Interpersonal and Behavioural skills.

Names That Trust Us

Services We Offer

Across domains, hierarchies and functions, we help reduce your pain points around people development keeping them updated and competitive to benefit the organization, with better productivity and upgraded skillset.

End of the day, motivated, happier and inclined individuals bring results on the table. These solutions include customization, reinforcement through engagements, simulations, assessments and contextual understanding.

How We Offer

Elevating Human Capital Quotient (HCQ)

Diagnostics through multitude of Assessments and Calibrations

Science-based Customized Content developed with Contextual understanding and Industry relevance

Experienced Industry Facilitators with 30+ Years of Multi – Domain Exposure.

Actionable behavioural output, reflecting on Business outcome

Engaging and Immersive Experiential Learning Journeys

More than 12000+ Hours in Learning Programs & Executive Education

What Our Clients Say About Us

We appreciate CoEmerge's approach for programs catering to a large audience like ours. Sunanda keeps it thoroughly engaging and use apt tools even for a Behavourial topic. The participants' queries are responded to, in a patient and pertinent manner. They keep it more interactive and use humor and storytelling as fruitful techniques to keep the session interesting and absorbing. We look forward to partner with CoEmerge for more interventions in the near future.

Hero MotoCorp

We partnered with CoEmerge for addressing development & learning needs for our middle management. Right from understanding the business need, co-creating the flow of the program and to the final delivery, we enjoyed high levels of commitment and dedication from Sunanda, enabling us to run a successful program, ultimately leading to an impactful session in its true sense.

Landmark Group

We collaborated with CoEmerge for facilitating a training program for our Sales team. The team of CoEmerge is very proactive & supportive. The requirements were shared with multiple consultants, however CoEmerge team did all the research immediately and shared the learning, solution ahead of anyone else. You can surely rely on their expertise & rest assured of their commitment level. We look forward to collaborate with them for more such opportunities.

Pernod Ricard India

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