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About CoEmerge

At CoEmerge, we believe that every business is unique, just like the individuals who drive their success. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, staying ahead of the curve requires more than just adaptability – it demands a continuous commitment to learning and development. That’s where we come in.

We are pioneers in customizing transformative programs that cater specifically to your organization’s needs goals and culture. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t cut it. Instead, we collaborate closely with you to uncover your challenges, unleash your potential and co-create a tailored roadmap to excellence.

Our passionate team is dedicated to empowering your workforce to reach unprecedented heights. Through our innovative methodologies, data-driven insights, and state-of-the-art learning solutions, we will help you foster a culture of continuous improvement, where brilliance emerges, and true potential is realized.

Whether you’re a fledgling startup aiming to disrupt the market or an established enterprise seeking to reinvent itself, we are here to be your strategic partner on the journey to success. Together, we will navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape, equip your team with the skills of tomorrow and drive sustainable growth that sets you apart from the competition.

At CoEmerge, we firmly believe that learning is not a destination; it’s an evolutionary process – a journey of transformation. Let’s embark on this expedition together and witness your business soar to unprecedented heights.

Are you ready to CoEmerge into a future of boundless possibilities? Let’s take the first step together. Welcome aboard!

How We Offer

Elevating Human Capital Quotient (HCQ)

Diagnostics through multitude of Assessments and Calibrations

Science-based Customized Content developed with Contextual understanding and Industry relevance

Experienced Industry Facilitators with 30+ Years of Multi – Domain Exposure.

Actionable behavioural output, reflecting on Business outcome

Engaging and Immersive Experiential Learning Journeys

More than 100000+ Hours in Learning Programs & Executive Education

The Co(EMERGE) Framework

Names That Trust Us

What Our Clients Say About Us

Sony Pictures

It has been a great experience working with CoEmerge on various developmental interventions. The Leadership Development Program conducted by CoEmerge for First-Time Managers was indeed one of the most effective learning journeys curated. The enthusiasm and involvement of our employees could speak larger on the effectiveness of this highly customised learning journey. We look forward to having greater collaboration with the CoEmerge team to design and execute impactful and relevant learning programs for our employees.

Hero MotoCorp

We appreciate CoEmerge's approach for programs catering to a large audience like ours. Sunanda keeps it thoroughly engaging and use apt tools even for a Behavourial topic. The participants' queries are responded to, in a patient and pertinent manner. They keep it more interactive and use humor and storytelling as fruitful techniques to keep the session interesting and absorbing. We look forward to partner with CoEmerge for more interventions in the near future.

Landmark Group

We partnered with CoEmerge for addressing development & learning needs for our middle management. Right from understanding the business need, co-creating the flow of the program and to the final delivery, we enjoyed high levels of commitment and dedication from Sunanda, enabling us to run a successful program, ultimately leading to an impactful session in its true sense.


It was really great partnering with CoEmerge. Absolutely relatable with the name of one of the events, Narishakti, every woman was empowered and engaged to talk about her story. The ability to engage with the audience was truly commendable and it was such great experience to see women confidently speaking in the forum It was truly an engaging session and everyone was immersed in every word trainer was saying. I would definitely recommend CoEmerge for more such L&D needs.

Pernod Ricard India

We collaborated with CoEmerge for facilitating a training program for our Sales team. The team of CoEmerge is very proactive & supportive. The requirements were shared with multiple consultants, however CoEmerge team did all the research immediately and shared the learning, solution ahead of anyone else. You can surely rely on their expertise & rest assured of their commitment level. We look forward to collaborate with them for more such opportunities.

Dinesh Dhume, Chairman at TranzLease Holdings (I) Pvt. Ltd.

CoEmerge comprises of sharp and astute professionals, extremely passionate, having hunger to learn and eagerness to grow. The have shown tenacity, perseverance and have the right people skills to understand client needs and provide them with appropriate solutions. Their deep understanding of client relationship management, immense potential to succeed helps entrepreneurs move out of labels. I wish CoEmerge all the success in building as a powerful force to reckon with, in the field of upskilling the nation.

India Today Group

The trainers at CoEmerge are great. They conducted a special training session at ITMI Noida for post Graduate students on Brand and Media scenario and presented effective actionable Brand and Consumer insights. CoEmerge trainers possess expertise as motivators, mentors, & media educators in contemporary times.

Martin, AVP- HR, Candi Solar

CoEmerge has been a really fantastic and reliant partner. Our organization required the local staff to be trained with specific skills - to get on top off in terms of English and general business presentation & communication skills. CoEmerge consistently followed up throughout the training sessions & imparted technical presentation of what the team on ground really needed to learn . So, we highly recommend CoEmerge for providing such training sessions to organizations with general or specific requirements.

Hindustn Power

CoEmerge conducted leadership intervention workshops for us. Throughout the preparation phase, they were very open to inputs. Also visited our office a few times to actually understand the culture and what was needed. They asked me lots of questions on the program design and wasn’t afraid to say no too. I found Sunanda's approach to her work very focused, knowledgeable and she has an a uncanny ability to quickly blend in with the team instead of remaining an ‘outsider’ faculty. She also has an enviable educational record and her engagement ability with participants is flawless to say the least! Keen on working with CoEmerge again!

C.H. Robinson

CoEmerge recently did a Leadership program for our leadership team which was much appreciated! Sunanda is a very committed coach who creates a high level of engagement with her audience. She is very perceptive and shares her inputs in a frank but constructive way.